Hammer Down Undercarriage (HDU) are suppliers of hydraulic hammers and rock breakers, ground engaging tools and undercarriage parts to the mining and heavy earthmoving equipment industries. With over 20 years of mining and construction experience, our team knows what matters most … Quality parts, great value and on-time delivery.

What makes us any different from the other suppliers? Our Business mantra is “Just make it happen”. Decades in the service industry has provided HDU with a comprehensive understanding of what you need, when you need it and your expectations.

HDU is a 24/7 business. Your site, business or enterprise runs 24/7 and so do we. Value for us is more that the price, its our ability to serve your needs and meet your expectations. We don’t sell to everyone; our strategy is to have a small partnership base that we can provide unparalleled support to.


Our business is LEAN, we believe in planning, preparation and actions. We don’t hold large stocks in expensive warehouses, we partner with you to plan, prepare and action the right parts at the right time. The by product of our partnership are parts “just in time” levering our global procurement resources spanning all 4 corners of the world. Our global consolidation network produces reduced shipping costs and decreased time to port. Partnering with HDU ensures spare parts redundancies and high-risk components are identified, planned and actioned, zero down time.


– Only high quality fit for purpose products
– Nationwide express delivery
– Partnership program increasing your machine availability