HDU - HAMMER - SB SeriesMonobloc Hammer Hydraulic Breaker Without Tie Rods And Diaphragm – Eight (8) models available for excavators with operating weight from 0.5 to 11 tonne.

  1. More power and less vibration and maintenance: The SB breakers work with inertial nitrogen energy recovery, obtaining more power (more than 30%) and less vibration thanks to the nitrogen chamber which reduces maintenance costs, since it has no diaphragms inside it.
  2. Long lasting of the nitrogen charge: In the past, energy recovery breakers required frequent nitrogen refills; with the new sealing system and the new compound developed by Freudenberg they are able to guarantee a gas tightness equal to 300% more than in the past.
  3. Protected tubes: The tubes are completely protected through the casing and they’re suitable for every type of excavation, especially in narrow spaces.
  4. Silenced body: The particular construction, with a closed box casing as well as the insertion of sound-absorbing material, allowed to reach very low noise levels for a breaker.
  5. Double retainer pin: The tool locking system with double retainer pin allows an adequate and uniform wear of the same and ensures longer maintenance intervals for the whole locking system.
  6. Monobloc body without tie rods: The entire SB series benefits from the particular monobloc construction; this feature gives the structure a very high resistance to leverage, during work. The breaker is built in one only piece and it is without tie rods, thus obtaining more production and less maintenance for our customers.
  7. Only two moving parts
  8. For all types of installations (pressurization): The SB series tolerates high back pressure values and has a wide calibration range of the required oil flow, in order to facilitate installation.
  9. The piston moves in a single interchangeable cylinder liner, easy to replace in case of necessity, keeping intact the main body
  10. Piston constructed with a special geometry such as to keep a constant energy of impact, as well as reducing breakages in conditions of criticality
  11. Visibility and versatility: The breakers of the SB series, with their tapered shape, provide the operator with an excellent view during the work and allow to operate close to the walls, both in narrow section and with open front.
HDU - HAMMER - SB Series Data
All illustrations and numerical data are purely indicative and subject to change at our discretion and without notice. We therefore reserve the right to modify them with a view to improving and continuously developing our product.
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