DEHN | BREAKERS 0.8 – 4.5T

HDU - DEHN 450When considering a hydraulic rock breaker for mini excavators of 0.8 – 4.5 tons, it is absolutely essential to guarantee your hammer compatible with the power requirement and and efficiency as much as required. DEHN rock breakers adapt a wide range of oil flow and operating pressure, to make sure excellent performance applicated to pavement and concrete applications or breaking in demolition.

High flow rates and low operating pressures, configured for today’s mini excavators and skid steers for efficient use of the carrier’s hydraulic circuit. This minimizes heat generation and hydraulic shock loading for smooth operation and maximum service life for both the carrier and breaker, reducing operating costs.

So why choose DEHN hydraulic rock breakers supplied by Hammer Down Undercarriage?

When it comes to rock breaking, demolition, mining quarry and building roads, DEHN hydraulic breakers are the choice of professionals! The patented design and cutting-edge technology of DEHN rock breakers guarantees high efficiency performance, long lifespan and unbeatable toughness, which eventually protects your investment.

  1. With fewer components, and only two moving parts, DEHN hydraulic breakers are easy to maintain at less cost.
  2. Utilizing automatic piston recoil energy to increase the performance without additional hydraulic input which lowers vibrations.
  3. Wide range of working flow and low operating pressure relieve hammers pressure for smooth operation, which lengthens the lifespan of the tool.
  4. Box-silenced type body with inner damping cubes dramatically keeps noise levels down, essential in high population areas.
  5. High-strength alloy plate steel under in-house specialized heat treatment enables it withstanding the most challenging environments.

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HDU – DEHN – Breakers 0.8 – 4.5T Specifications